Stephen Mabey is keen to share his insights and opinions
regarding law firm management.


Stephen is a well-respected advisor and speaker within the Canadian legal community. In addition, he is a prolific writer. His articles on leadership, marketing, practice transitioning, and other topics have been published in a variety of legal industry periodicals.

Here is a selection of Stephen’s articles.

Definitely Mabey: Three universal truths raised by the Heenan Blaikie story
Stephen Mabey, April 2014 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: You may get paid on revenues but you spend profits
Stephen Mabey, March 2014 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Pricing: too critical to be left to the accountants
Stephen Mabey, February 2014 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Let's learn about legal process mapping
Stephen Mabey, January 2014 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Out with the old in with the new (maybe)
Stephen Mabey, December 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: 2013 Key Performance Indicators
Stephen Mabey, November 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Economic sustainability through break-even analysis
Stephen Mabey, October 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Learned helplessness
Stephen Mabey, September 2013 - pdf

Your financial dashboard
Stephen Mabey & Colin Cameron, September 2013 - pdf

A fresh look at strategy
Stephen Mabey & Karen MacKay, September 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Cliff diving v. cliff jumping
Stephen Mabey, August 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Just saying . . . some things about the profession
Stephen Mabey, July 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Current thinking of U.S. small to mid-size firms (Canadian standards)
Stephen Mabey, June 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: A plea for action
Stephen Mabey, May 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Work-life balance up to lawyers, not firms
Stephen Mabey, April 2013 - pdf

Law Firm Leadership
Stephen Mabey, March 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: The quest for client value
Stephen Mabey, March 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: One issue fits all
Stephen Mabey, February 2013 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: New voice but same words
Stephen Mabey, January 2013 - pdf

Five skills tell whether a new managing partner grows
or kills the firm

Stephen Mabey, December 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Love the one you are with
Stephen Mabey, December 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Law firm leadership - by the numbers
Stephen Mabey, November 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Leadership and other 'G' words
Stephen Mabey, October 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: 2012 Key Performance Indicators
Stephen Mabey, September 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Compensation systems under siege
Stephen Mabey, August 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Law firm style leadership... same bus, different seat
Stephen Mabey, July 2012 - pdf

Profiting When the World Is Flat
Stephen Mabey & Karen MacKay, July 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Increasing law firm profitability—what's working and what's not?
Stephen Mabey with Colin Cameron, June 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Getting the work done right
Stephen Mabey, May 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Time for a new approach to decision-making
Stephen Mabey, April 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: A fresh look at the strategy process
Stephen Mabey, March 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: Five steps to client development success for lawyers
Stephen Mabey with Jane Southren, February 2012 - pdf

Definitely Mabey: 2012: A year that could be
Stephen Mabey, January 2012 - pdf

See articles archived 2011 to 2010 or 2009 & older.



See articles archived 2011 to 2010 or 2009 & older.




9th Annual CBA Law Firm Leadership Conference - Nov 2013 - Halifax, NS

Managing Partner Forum Leadership Conference - Topic: "Takeaway: One Good Idea"
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The MPF 2013 Leadership Conference -
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Managing Partner Forum Leadership Conference: What are today's firms doing and what say the experts?

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"I have heard Steve talk at marketing conferences. He is an excellent public speaker and a pleasure to work with." Larry Bodine, Business Development Advisor, Larry Bodine Marketing ~ Read more testimonials.

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