Law firm management is a challenging field, particularly
since many problems remain unresolved due to a
risk-adverse culture and lengthy solution timelines.



The challenges you face as the manager of a law firm can be complex. Our solution is simple.

We provide flexible, cost-effective access to results-focused solutions via internet-aided technology. This includes video conferencing over Skype as well as through dedicated and secure online project rooms that are only accessible by Applied Strategies and our clients.

This approach serves to reduce the lag time between problem identification and resolution. It also assists in the knowledge transfer — a key element of any Applied Strategies solution.

We bill using lower fixed-fee arrangements, combined with a discretionary success bonus. As our client, you’ll always know the costs that will be associated with the services we provide – and you can rest assured that we are motivated to deliver outstanding services.

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"Steve possesses that rare ability to bluntly deliver tough and practical business advice, while maintaining his personal warmth and good humour. He provides excellent input, creative ideas and strong value." Sandra Dawe, Managing Partner, Shibley Righton ~ Read more testimonials.

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